The Marketing Department’s main objectives are to create a strong corporate image as well as establishing a communication interface between partnering companies and the general public. We are tasked with giving visibility to the project in order to showcase our efforts and advancements.

A brief history of Marketing

Establishing partnerships with leading companies. Since we are a team made up entirely of students, it is vital for us to associate ourselves with world-class companies that can supply sophisticated materials, advanced equipment, and financial resources.
Social media presence. It is very important for us to display our project’s developments in order to demonstrate our efforts to our supporters and sponsors. We use platforms like Instagram, Linkedin and Twitter to connect with the public.
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Obtaining the necessary funding for the project by creating, managing and promoting crowdfunding campaigns, sponsorship agreements, and merchandising.
Team merchandise. Designing and distributing items that promote STAR’s image is paramount in order to advertise our brand, as well as the contributors to the project.
Designing and maintaining our website. Having an online presence enables us to reach out to the public. We believe an informative and updated website will add credibility to our project. STAR’s webpage contains our past, present, and future objectives, as well as all the details regarding the team.
Generating corporate material. By using different design tools, we create dossiers, business cards, posters, and more. These resources allow us to concentrate the information about the team and the project in a simple, informative manner.

Meet the Team

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Victoria Tejera

Team Leader
The Big Bang Theory, Season 7, episode 3, minute 15:34.

Sara Díaz

Like what you do, and then you will do your best. - Katherine Johnson

Lucía Nájera

Everest is full of corpses who tried it, the Moon preserves the footsteps of those who succeeded.


Prepare for trouble...

Adri Gómez

...and make it double!

Diego Pérez

The universe is hostile and chaotic, stars explode and planets collide. And that is beautiful

Carlos Alegre

I´m a crack.

Santiago Luqué

The only time success comes before work is in the dictionary.

Andrea Peña

I took one astronomy class... that counts right?

Diego García

I am a photographer.

María Naharro

Kowalski Analisis.

Marco Martín

Just don't blow up.

Our motivation

We are the face of STAR. Our motivation derives from the aspiration to be different and innovative. The Marketing Team’s actions impact the entire team, therefore, we value creativity and teamwork above all else.
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