The avionics team is responsible for the design and development of the on-board computer that all our vehicles carry inside. Thet flight computer is splitted into a stack of printed circuit boards and is capable of sending the data coming from all the sensors to our ground station. They also help with all the electronics involving: ignition, recovery, ground equipment and test benches.

A brief history of Avionics

Electronic design & simulation of circuits including both analog and digital to understand in-flight conditions to identify, predict and correct possible sources of error.
PCB design and simulation of the on-board computer including the best and reliable components up to date. Due to the space constraints given by the fuselage, the on-board avionics are splitted into a stack of printed boards.
Power systems design & analysis, needed to deliver in an efficient way the power requested by all the sensors, actuators and controllers. In-house battery stackups manufacturing to create custom voltage and capacity batteries.
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Development of Video & audio streaming to have a better viewing experience of what is happening inside the rocket.
Ground station electronics to receive data coming from the telemetry as well as the video and audio implementing software defined radio devices.
Telemetry links for long range communications with our vehicles. Sensor data is sent to our ground stations to identify problems prior to liftoff, during the flight and once the flight is concluded, sending the last position and helping with the recovery.
Control systems design, to stabilize our vehicles. This is currently an idea, and is still a concept, but our team is working on it.

Meet the Team

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Javier Lázaro

Team Leader
Dreaming in PCBs

Yorch McMartin

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Jorge Muñoz

First rule thumb: don't use rules of thumb.

Adrián Ramos

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Saul Lopez

Eficiency is engineering.

Pablo Rivero

I am excited to be able to work on this dream, as ancient as it is immortal, space exploration.

Our motivation

We love to design circuits and share our ideas with the rest of the team. We always try to find the most optimal and efficient solution to our projects and all the improvements that we have implemented during the past years have led us to implement flight computers on PC Boards. As a part of STAR, we dream with the idea of ​​seeing our electronics fly and of course, as well as the rest of the association, we show interest in space.
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