The Software Department is in charge of the On-Board and Ground Station computers software for the rocket launch; as well as software-related activities within the team, such as, providing GUIs (Graphical User Interfaces) for the in-house tools or the management of the server and licenses used by other departments.

A brief history of Software

Design of the OBC software such that the objectives of the launch are completed. These include the deployment of the parachutes, the gathering of the data measured by the sensors, and the communication with ground, among others.
Formalizing a strong method to model, design, implement and integrate software for real-time and critical systems.
Design and implementation of robust algorithms that can detect the pertinent conditions for the deployment and trigger the required actuations.
Design and implementations of telecommunications subsystems based on software, like an SDR (Software Defined Radio) that can serve to perform the communication between the rocket and ground during the flight.
Development of software systems to broadcast the launch and flight of the vehicle live.
Satisfy the software and computer needs of the team in order to facilitate the activities of the rest of departments.

Meet the Team

Leyre Hernández

Team Leader

Víctor Castillo


Javier Godos


Juan María Herrera


Carlos López


Gabriela Sánchez


Sandra Urbano


Celia Rico


Blas Moreno



We know that the developments of the department are critical for the success of the flight of our vehicle, this has strong implications in all the work we perform, and so, it pushes us to lavish attention on all the outputs of the team.

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