Integration and Logistics is the nexus among the departments, it ensures a correct flow of information among them once the predesign of the vehicle is over. This department works with validation tools such as Valispace where it creates a database of all the components and measurements of the rocket. In order to detect possible errors on time, Integration and Logistics encourages the testing of prototypes before the final design, taking charge of the logistics behind them, and designs exterior to.

A brief history of Integration and logistics

Convert Valispace into a common database of all the components, measurements and requirements of the vehicle, avoiding information losses and allowing the team to have a general platform to look for details, create tests, validate requirements and avoid incompatibilities.
Manage the logistics of the inventory of the whole team, designing a system that allows easy access and real time tracking of the stored items.
Design and manufacture of a modular reusable launch tower, aiming to ensure a successful launch for rockets with a wide range of diameters.
Understand the work of every department as a whole to be able to detect and solve integration problems between different teams.
Encourage and help with the logistics of the tests carried out for the prototype designs, providing useful documentation of the processes and ensuring a good performance.
Elaborate risk matrixes along the full logistics of the launch day and the different tests that will be carried out prior to it, to ensure safe and efficient procedures during each process.
Serve as a link between the different departments, ensuring the correct flow of information among them and creating useful channels where information is not lost.

Meet the Team

Robert Kusina

Team Leader

Isabel Ibañez

Team Leader

Fernando Ruiz


María Ruiz


Luis Grau



The Integration and Logistics Team is one of the fundamental pillars for an efficient project development at STAR. This is the reason why we pull ourselves further day after day, dealing with any kind of interdisciplinar problem that could arise, never forgetting the main target of our mission, to successfully launch one of the most complex student-designed rockets in the country.

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