The Fuselage Department manages the design, analysis and manufacture of the main structures of the vehicle as well as the recovery systems. The department focuses on CAD design and structural analysis as well as material analysis, experimentation and the creation of various prototypes and subsystems.

A brief history of Fuselage

Structural Design and Optimization. In collaboration with other departments involved in every structural system of a vehicle, the design process of the vehicle’s CAD and its optimization is carried out. These designs account for parameters and requirements from other departments as well as material and physical needs.
Material analysis. Using both theoretical and experimental data, a selection of materials for the different structures of the vehicle is studied. These steps ensure the freezing of the final design of the vehicle and open multiple research field paths.
Structural analysis. Accompanied by the two previous goals, static and dynamic analysis are a common occurrence for a better optimization of any vehicle, and to ensure the correct behaviour of every structure and the respect for safety margins.
Prototyping. Carried out through 3D printing or more specific tests and creations for specific materials, it allows for the iterative development of new subsystems, especially critical when accompanied with material analysis or the design of recovery systems and coupling devices.
Standardization of subsystems and components of a given vehicle and department integration. Any structure or systems design is taken through a simplification and standardization process for optimization and risk minimization, while they must also account for special and variable requirements of other departments.
Risk analysis and manufacturing processes. With a complete frozen design the department carries out an analysis of risk assessment for the future assembly of the vehicle, and proceeds to detail the exact order and needs of assembly as well as the required personnel for each step.
Manufacture and assembly. The final assembly of a vehicle is carried out and coordinated with the department to ensure the correct and safe preparation of the final vehicle. The structures and systems involved are first manufactured and tested on their own after their final designs are frozen.

Meet the Team

Juan Álvarez

Team Leader

Alonso Cuartero


David Rodrigo


Jesús Muñoz


Paloma Tejero


Rodrigo Lucía


Juan Arias


Miguel Antohi 


Our motivation

One of the biggest sources of motivation is the ability to create something completely new and innovative from scratch. Not just to see it in front of a computer, but to make it, test it, optimize it, and finally acquire a final piece and watch it fulfil its purpose above us all. We are capable of innovating.

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