The Propulsion Department is in charge of the design and development of the propulsive systems of the vehicle as well as their testing and verification. Our main areas of expertise are: Fluid mechanics, thermodynamics, heat transfer, structural design and manufacturing, solid propellant formulation and verification methods.

A brief history of Propulsion

Iterative development and design of the propulsive system. This englobes the preliminary design of the motor and other subsystems. Given the requirements of the mission profile, we perform an optimization to find the most efficient design to meet these requirements.
Analysis of the flow in the rocket motor using both analitical and numerical methods. Once we have our design chosen we will simulate the flow inside the combustion chamber and along the nozzle, analyzing both time invariant and transient phenomena.
Checkstress analyses of the vehicle. Taking into account the geometry of the vehicle and the technological level available, a verification of the safety factor with respect to limit and ultimate loads is performed.
Experimental testing, analysis and characterization of our designs.
Formulation and characterization of APCP solid propellants. Design and manufacture of the propellants and ignitor.
Development of in-house software to optimize our designs and improve our workflow. This includes an internal ballistics simulator and a thermochemical combustion simulator for propellants and explosives.

Meet the Team

Carlos Aguilar

Team Leader

Marco Martín


Pablo Martín


Victor Duro


Artur Habuda


Mario Hernández


Antonio Hervías


Jon Lumbreras


Our motivation

Having the responsibility of designing the most crucial part of the rocket is really motivating. We are all in awe when we stop and admire the huge contrast between the fine complexity of a rocket motor and it’s tremendous power. We devote ourselves to create the most powerful yet safe engine we can make.

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