The Simulation Department is in charge of the design, verification and validation of the vehicle. Our main areas of expertise are the following: parametric iterative design, CFD, structural and aeroelastic analyses. We are also responsible for the mission analysis and the study of the re-entry problem.

A brief history of Simulation

Iterative development and design optimization. This includes the preliminary design of the vehicle, taking into account common rocket design standards and performing an optimization loop on the free parameters. This freezes the design taking into account performance and safety figures of merit.
Analysis of the external and internal flow on the vehicle using CFD methods. Once the design of the vehicle is frozen, its aerodynamic interaction with the external and internal flows is verified, both from a time-invariant approach as well as from transient phenomena.
Checkstress analyses of the vehicle. Taking into account the geometry of the vehicle and the technological level available, a verification of the safety factor with respect to limit and ultimate loads is performed.
Aeroelastic analyses of the vehicle. Study of the normal modes of the vehicles, as well as the solution of the flutter problem and dynamic atmospheric events.
Computation of the mission trajectory. Calculation of the vehicle in-flight kinematics and attitude, for a given launch scenario and forecasted atmospheric conditions.
Statistical analyses on the re-entry problem. Monte Carlo analysis of the landing point, for nominal and contingency flight cases, including variability with launch parameters and atmospheric conditions.
Development of in-house software for design space exploration and optimization, aerodynamic analyses and mission computation. This includes an aerodynamic simulator and a mission simulator, tailored to the vehicle configuration and typical flight conditions.

Meet the Team

Álvaro Martínez

                  Co-Team Leader

Álvaro Menjón

                    Co-Team Leader

Gabriel de Haro


    Laura Train

      In-house tools WG Coordinator

Nerea Monrió


Matías Germán


    Jorge Rubio


Alberto Gallego


Enrique Castro

             Design WG Coordinator

Our motivation

What thrills us most about our responsibilities is knowing that the decisions we make in each stage of the development have an impact on the performance and safety of the vehicle and, in turn, in the high-level objectives of the whole team. We push ourselves as far as possible to arrive to optimal solutions for each of the problems we tackle.

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