The Simulation Department is in charge of the design, verification and validation of the vehicle. Our main areas of expertise are the following: parametric iterative design, CFD, structural and aeroelastic analyses. We are also responsible for the mission analysis and the study of the re-entry problem.

About the team

The simulation team is in charge of the preliminary design of the vehicle taking into account the existing standards as well as performance and safety. They are also in charge of the external and internal flow of the vehicle using CFD methods. Another one of their functions is the checkstress analyses of the vehicle, as well as aerolastic analyses. They also do the computation of the mission trajectory and the calculation of specific factors for different launch scenarios along with statistical analyses and Monte Carlo analyses. Among other things, they are also developing in-house software for design space exploration and optimization, aerodynamic analyses and mission computation.

What thrills us most about our responsibilities is knowing that the decisions we make in each stage of the development have an impact on the performance and safety of the vehicle and, in turn, in the high-level objectives of the whole team. We push ourselves as far as possible to arrive to optimal solutions for each of the problems we tackle.
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