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The Fuselage team is in charged of the Structural Design and Optimization. It is involved in every structural system of the vehicles as well as in the design process. Using theoretical and experimental data, the team studies different materials for the final structure of the vehicle. Fuselage is also in charged of ensuring the correct behaviour of every structure, as well as all the prototyping carried out before deciding on the final structures.
One of the biggest sources of motivation is the ability to create something completely new and innovative. Not just to see it in front of a computer, but to make it, test it, optimize it, and watch it fulfil its purpose above us all. We are capable of innovating.
The design is carried out completely in software (CAD) supported by classic analytical calculations and finite element simulations (FEM), the design of the composite materials that make up the main structure and their union with metallic alloys is also carried out.
The team also designs and implements the tools used for real-time visualization of the data received through telemetry. The team's tasks are vital during launches as well, serving as a connection point with the vehicle and carrying out all relevant checks of the rocket's status thanks to telemetry.

                      Ongoing Projects

The team is making the final adjustments on the fuselage of our vehicle Astra-C. They are doing the last few tests, the most important being the test of the recovery system.

They are also finalising the manufacturing of the launch rail. It will be the rail we use for Astra-C as well as for the following vehicles.
Deciding the distribution of the team for our next vehicle. The fuselage is at a stop, because the team has to determine the necessary number of PCBs. The team is working on the recovery system of this vehicle too because since this specific vehicle will fall in the water, it needs a buoyancy system, which is very complex.
With the acceptance to EuRoC, the team is preparing the preliminary design of the vehicle to figure out how and where everything fits, and again working on the recovery system of the vehicle we will bring to EuRoC.


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