The avionics team is responsible for the design and development of the on-board computer that all our vehicles carry inside. Thet flight computer is splitted into a stack of printed circuit boards and is capable of sending the data coming from all the sensors to our ground station. They also help with all the electronics involving: ignition, recovery, ground equipment and test benches.

About the team

The avionics team is in charge of all the electronic design and simulation of the circuits including both analogue and digital to better understand in-flight conditions and other aspects pertinent to the vehicles. They also design and assemble all of the PCBs used in our electronic systems. The team is also in charge of power system design and analysis to deliver the power requested by the sensors actuators and controllers, as well as telemetry links for long range communications with our vehicles. They also develop the ground station and are now working on developing control systems design to stabilize our vehicles.

We love to design circuits and share our ideas with the rest of the team. We always try to find the most optimal and efficient solution to our projects and all the improvements that we have implemented during the past years have led us to implement flight computers on PC Boards. As a part of STAR, we dream with the idea of ​​seeing our electronics fly and of course, as well as the rest of the association, we show interest in space.

                        Ongoing Projects

·The team is working simultaneously on the design, manufacturing and testing of the hardware on which the software of the vehicles is programmed as well as on the ground station.

·They are also working on practical classes of design, welding and manufacture of a PCB, where they design and weld the components to achieve the final PCB they will later test and use in our rockets
·At the same time, they are also working on different PCBs that they won't necessarily be using in our vehicles, but that they use to run tests of different ground systems, like the creation of battery packs, and testing of experimental motors.

·On top of this, the team is also working on the design and testing of different antennas with very specific shapes and requisites. 
· They are also working on the integration of the electronics and software in FPGAs to be able to reduce the space and to parallelize complex algorithms.

·Finally, they are working on GNSS SDR, signal receiver, to be integrated into our vehicles, and allow for a greater height and velocity range
· Our Avionics team has made some publications about their work with PCBs. If you want to know more about what they do, and learn how they do it, click the link on the right and get to read their articles!
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