The Marketing Department’s main objectives are to create a strong corporate image as well as establishing a communication interface between partnering companies and the general public. We are tasked with giving visibility to the project in order to showcase our efforts and advancements.

A brief history of Marketing

The marketing team is in charged of establishing partnerships with leading companies, which is vital for the association to obtain all of our supplies, equipment and resources. They are also in charge of the social media presence and displaying the latest developments. They are in charge of platforms such as Instagram, Twitter and Linkedin. Another one of their duties is to obtain the necessary funding for the projects by means of crowdfunding campains, mechandising etc. They also design and distribute all of the merchandise for the team and design and maintain the website. Among other many functions, they are also in charge of generating corporate material like dossiers, business cards, posters and more.
We are the face of STAR. Our motivation derives from the aspiration to be different and innovative. The Marketing Team’s actions impact the entire team, therefore, we value creativity and teamwork above all else.
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