Avionic's Boards 

This is a collection of the main electronic boards developed by the Avionics team and a short description of each one

Electronics For Our Rockets

Rattlesnake Avionics 

This was our first proper flight computer, some electronics development was done before developing this board, but it was mostly focused on testing some specific components. This flight computer was used in our first rocket, Rattlesnake, and it flew successfully twice. It was designed to work as a pathfinder for developing custom electronics for future projects.

Status: Retired 
Intended uses: Recovery and data gathering 
Control units: Teensy 3.5 
Main sensors: 3-axis Gyroscope, 3-axis Accelerometer, Altimeter 
Secondary sensors: 3-axis Magnetometer 
Power: Powered by 2S Li-po batteries 
Control: 2 independent pyrotechnic channels

Astrea-C Avionics (EOS)

This was the third version of our flight computer for Astrea-C, our next vehicle after Rattlesnake. In this design we focused on improving the quality of the final electronics using manufactured boards or PCBs, and creating our own circuits to control sensors. We also improved the design of the pyrotechnic channels, including a RBF (Remove Before Flight) switch to arm the pyrotechnic channels just before flight. In this computer we also implemented a ground physical connection that is disconnected during the launch to be able to review and configure the rocket just before flight, and a telemetry system.

Status: Active 
Intended uses: Recovery, telemetry and data gathering 
Control units: Teensy 4.0 
Main sensors: 3-axis Gyroscope, 3-Axis Accelerometer, GNSS system, Altimeter (VN 200) 
Secondary sensors: 3-Axis Magnetometer, Internal Temperature, High range acceleration sensors 
Power: Powered by 2S-4S Li-Ion cell pack with a two-stage power supply 
Control: 3 independent pyrotechnic channels with RBF protection

Electronics For Testing and Verification

Breakout for testing STM32F446

With this board we were aiming to test a new microcontroller from ST, that we intended to use as our main controller in our upcoming projects. For this we had to start from scratch developing all supporting circuits that the microcontroller IC needed to work. We also tested more complex communication protocols and different ways of programming the microcontroller.

Status: Active
Intended use: Microcontroller testing
Control units: STM32F446
Sensors: Internal temperature
Power: Powered thought USB, but can accept 6V through a pin
Control: All pins from the microcontroller have an external interface

Breakout for verifying STM32F446

This is an evolution of our first breakout for this microcontroller, it was used to test the implementation of the communication between microcontrollers, and a new power supply capable of delivering more current and greater input voltage range. This board was also intended to be able to test new software for the CAN protocol and libraries for interfacing with external sensors.

Status: Active
Intended use: Microcontroller and sensor testing
Control units: STM32F446 x2
Sensors: Internal temperature and external temperature (Thermocouple) Power: USB and XT60 with a range from 6V to 26V
Control: All pins from both microcontrollers have an external interface

Propulsion testing electronics

This board was designed to be used as testing equipment for the team of propulsion, so they could test and verify any new motors or equipment they wanted to try. It was not developed as a PCB because it was a very simple circuit that did not need such a complex board, so we chose a simple one-sided matrix board to create the circuit. It also has a LCD to visualize the incoming data and a SD card to record it.

Status: Active
Intended use: Propulsion team testing
Control units: Teensy 4.0
Sensors: Three analog inputs for reading sensors
Power: 12V battery
Control: A LCD is connected to the board so information can be visualized


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